Flower Symbols – Gardenias


Simply stunning, sensuously scented, a burst of fragrantly silky cream on rich green leaves, the gardenia has been a classic bride favorite for centuries.  Symbolizing secret love, purity and refinement, gardenias lend an old-world ambiance to your wedding.


Tuck one luscious blossom behind your ear, or pin a whole garland of them to the bow on the back of your dress a la Victorian weddings.  Rim the edge of your veil with the flowers, or your florist can make you a lovely bracelet of gardenias.  Then every time you lift you hand the delicious fragrance releases into the air!


Gardenias mix sumptuously with other flowers in a bouquet.  The late Princess Diana’s bouquet, which measured an amazing 42″ long and 15″ wide, prominently featured gardenias mixed with stephanotis, freesia, lily of the valley, and Earl of Mountbatten roses.

Sooooo… a  touch of fragrant Victorian flair for you?