Getting the “Scoop” on an Ice Cream Themed 1st Birthday Party!

It’s true, ice cream just has the ability to make us happy. So, what better way to celebrate a 1st Birthday Party than with ice cream, toppings and desserts galore! One of Kate Aspen’s very own graphic designers, Leah Guenther, celebrated her little sweetie turning one just a couple weeks ago this way and the pictures were too cute not to share!

From brightly colored tissue poms to glittered styrofoam “scoops” and hand made banners, the décor was simple but executed the theme perfectly. The colorful arrangement of food consisted of cake balls that mirrored ice cream cones, lemon burst cookies, marshmallow pops with M&M “cherries” on top, chocolate dipped rice krispie treats, and more. Don’t forget that food is yet another way to tie in your party theme!

Leah sent her guests home with a little something to remember the day, Kate Aspen’s “Scoop of Love” Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Scoop in Parlor Gift Box. Along with these favors, she also made goody bags for the children that included a container of bubbles in the shape of an ice cream cone, some colorful candy, and a tightly wrapped washcloth in cupcake packaging. By the end of the day, they were all screaming for ice cream!

Happy planning!