Green Wedding January – Closing Thoughts from Kate Aspen

“It isn’t easy being green.” Kermit the Frog, Philosopher, Sesame Street (1969)

Sorry Kermie, we disagree. Once you put your mind to it, there are LOTS of ways you can add a “touch of green” to your wedding. Of course you can wear a recycled paper wedding dress, walk barefoot down a grassy aisle in the woods to repeat your vows in front of a natural arbor of pine trees, ask your guests to bring empty aluminum cans as wedding gifts and honeymoon in a yurt. If that’s your thing, we say “go for it!”

If you’re of a more traditional ilk, think about adding an eco-touch here and there, then share it with your guests. Inspire them when you mention in your wedding program (recycled paper of course) that the flowers are headed to the local hospital after the party. It only takes a spark, right?

Then send your guests home with an eco-fuzzy feeling and a special eco-touch to remember your day with wedding favors made from easily renewable resources. We’ve added new ones to our Kate Aspen collection, and you can see them by clicking here.

Have we inspired you to make your eco-mark? We hope so! We’ll leave you with a little inspirational poem we like:

Earth receives
Foot and paw,
Hoof and claw
With equal grace.
It is the way of
The wild,
Not to overstep
The bounds of hospitality.
This is a wild place.
Follow me
And leave no trace,
That wind, rain and snow
Cannot erase.
Elise Maclay in Bev Dolittle’s book WALK SOFTLY