New Baby On The Block – Baby Shower Idea!

Kate Aspen designs and manufactures adorable baby shower favors - and our baby shower favors inspire super-cute baby shower ideas!


Oh how we love to dabble in baby shower plans – since our baby shower favors tend to suggest some pretty good ideas on their own! We want to share a great baby shower theme with you! How about “New Baby on the Block?” And don’t think this is just a pre-baby shower – oh no! This is good for after the baby comes (the little cuties even make a great guest at the party), or maybe a new mom has just moved into the neighborhood – what better way to get to know everyone?

So many good invitations are available for this baby shower theme. Just look!



You can find all kinds of precociously precious block-inspired baby shower plates, napkins and table decorations with just a little shopping around. We liked these from – because you can get a centerpiece, napkins and a baby shower game (plus more) in the same motif! And the colors will go with a pink theme, a blue theme, or a “we’re going to find out in the delivery room” theme.

And speaking of games – you’re going to need prizes for those baby shower games now, aren’t you? May we make a couple of suggestions?

“Take Note – New Baby on the Block!” is an adorable baby block filled with sticky notes. How handy is that? Or even “B is for Baby”, a sweet little baby block candle favor – a baby shower game prize guaranteed to leave an impression.

And yes we’ve saved the best for last. Baby shower cakes! (you may know from past articles how crazy we are about cake – shh!) Ideas and inspiration for you – via a wonderful inspiration board – whether you’re a DIY-er or you need a little something to help your local baker understand what cake design you need. Enjoy!

TLC has a nice recipe for a DIY alphabet block cake – for all you crafty hostesses!

Happy baby shower planning!

Here’s a more personalized baby shower favor idea – lip balms. Pick your own label style to match your baby shower theme colors!