Party Checklist: Everything You Need for a Stress-Free Celebration

Planning a party can be hard work! Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a baby shower, there’s food to cook, decorations to prepare, and invites to send out. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Print and mark these items off this party checklist so you can plan, prep and enjoy the party!

1 month before the party:

☐ Make your guest list.

☐ Set the date, time and location for the party.

☐ Mail or email invitations.

☐ Set your budget.

☐ Brainstorm party themes and ideas.

3 weeks before the party:

Choose your theme and prep party décor and favors.

☐ Plan food and drinks to be served.

☐ Make a list of all plates, flatware, serving dishes and glassware you have available. Order or rent any extras you need.

☐ Arrange any help needed (order food from caterers, rent chairs or linens).

2 weeks before the party:

☐ If the party is at your house, clean your house and anything needed for the party (serving platters, dishes, etc.)

☐ Create a music playlist.

☐ Ask friends or family for help with any DIY projects.

1 week before the party:

☐ Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVPed.

1-2 days before the party:

☐ Do all your grocery shopping .

☐ Stock the bar.

☐ Prepare any food that will keep in your fridge or freezer. This includes chopping and prepping food in advance.

☐ If the party is at your home, let your neighbors know you’re having a party in case the party will get loud or you’ll need extra parking spaces.

Day of the party:

☐ Decorate your party space, and set up your table(s), food and drink stations.

☐ Buy fresh flowers and make floral arrangements.

☐ Finish any last-minute cooking and display food.

☐ Turn on music playlist.

Download Party Checklist Printable | Kate Aspen

Download the Party Checklist Printable | Shop for Favors and Décor

Kate Aspen Party Planning Checklist

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Happy Planning!


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