Pink and Green

You must have figured out by now, with all the “color” posts, that I’m looking closely at trends to get ready for our 2010 Design Meetings. Oh how our Brides keep us on our toes!

The Pink and Green color combo, in particular, just makes me plain happy! Pink and Green are the colors of childhood, the colors of fun, the colors of – well, I did a little research for you (tee-hee!).

Just listen! How many times do we use the word “Pink” in a positive way? “In the pink” = healthy, good, happy. Pink is associated with childhood innocence and with feminine nature. It’s a bit flirty, too – which makes it a sassy color.

Ahhh, and green. Nature, good luck (think four leaf clover) and youth. Does it get any better than that?

Of course in different cultures, colors take on different meanings. Pink, in Asian color symbolism, connotes Marriage (are we doing pretty good here?). I also read where Pink, in diet therapy (who knew?), is used as an appetite suppressant – as it relaxes the muscles, relieves tension and and soothes.

The color green, while associated with environmental concerns everywhere, also means “go”! Check your local traffic signal, LOL! In Native American culture, green connotes “Living Willfully” – or with purpose. Cool, no? Asian culture? Eternity, family, harmony.

What a combination! So without future ado, enjoy these beautiful Pink and Green color inspirations!

Peony Bridesmaid Bouquet/ wrap by nancycno

Pink & Green Mini Cake by ixoracakes

Right about now I’m ready to strap on those gorgeous shoes and take a fabulous ride in that crazy pink car up there! Hope you enjoyed!

Best wishes,