Second Birthday in Bloom

For her daughter's second birthday party, photographer Christi Tirabassi decided on a floral theme that brought elegance and beauty into bloom. With DIY being the center of the theme, friends and family got to craft cute flower hairpins and show them off throughout the celebration. Both budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, mom even added lush, colorful accents to the desserts and the details on their outfits. The dramatic display of bright, contrasting floral selection was perfect for both mom and her daughter. As a thank you, guests were gifted flower seeds to take home and plant in honor of the little one's milestone. The wondrous celebration and this cute, to-die-for theme turned this second birthday into a blooming flower-filled, unforgettable day.


Paper Props: Rifle Paper Co. | Bakery: Miss Mollie's Pastries | Photographer: Christi Elizabeth Photography