“She’s a Gem” Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is not only a celebration of the upcoming wedding but a celebration of the bride herself. As you plan the shower, cater the theme to that unique friend that has brought everyone together. Featuring beautiful jewel-tones and decor of precious stones, a “She’s a Gem” bridal shower uses beautiful geodes and marbleized designs in glassware, decorations, and party favors. This bridal shower theme features items from our new Elements Collection. Read on for some lovely inspiration that totally rocks.

1. Marbleized Favor Boxes

Fill these favor boxes with small, sweet treats such as candies, mints, or even macaroons. The boxes have a geometric gem shape with a marbleized design. Each one is topped with a pretty white ribbon that holds the box perfectly together.

Marbleized Pyramid Favor Box | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

2. Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalize the glassware so guests can take them home and regularly reminisce over this memorable bridal shower. Pick a gem design and color to go with the theme, such as a “You’re a Gem” or geometric heart design in the color white or purple. Underneath, leave a message to commemorate the bridal shower.

Stemless Wine Glass- Elements | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

3. Geode Bottle Stopper

Skip boring party favors and hand out these gorgeous geode bottle stoppers to guests instead. The handle features a beautiful purple faux geode. The purple and gold create a chic and posh item that is welcome in any kitchen.

Geode Bottle Stopper | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

4. Geode Coasters

These geode glass coasters do double duty as both a helpful coaster during the bridal shower and as a great take-home gift for guests once the party wraps up. They come in blue and purple geode designs with gold glitter trim.

Geode Glass Coasters | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

5. Gold Bottle Openers

Just like the stemless wine glasses, these gold bottle openers come in a variety of designs for you to choose from, including the geometric heart and marbleized design. They’re thin and low-profile so they fit in a pocket, purse, or even a wallet.

Gold Bottle Opener | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

6. Gold Candy Tins

Use the same design you chose for the bottle openers to adorn these beautiful and functional gold candy tins. Fill them with yummy treats for guests to take home after the bridal shower. Once they’ve used or eaten the item inside, they can reuse them to hold small items, jewelry, and trinkets.

Gold Round Candy Tin | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen

7. “With Love” Gift Bags

Have your own unique idea for party favors? Maybe you’re compiling an array of smaller gifts for your bridal party or are making a DIY gem-inspired treat. Put your creation in these marbleized “With Love” gift bags and gift them to your guests

With Love Marbleized Gift Bag | She's a Gem Bridal Shower | Kate Aspen


Planning a bridal shower of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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