So What About The Guy?

Whoa! We know you’re busy making those wedding plans. Is it so much fun, or so much confusing? LOL – it’s both – that’s the adventure part of the journey!

What About The Guy?

With Valentines Day coming up, he’ll probably surprise you with something wonderfully romantic. But what are you going to do for him?

Here are a few ideas that don’t require a lot of money, but will make just the right romantic impression!

  • Is he “batching” it in another city and eating too much fast food? There’s an app for that! Find a “make your own dinner” biz in his town and use their “Stand In” service. Order up a week’s worth of meals to be delivered to his place. He can use a microwave, can’t he?
  • Maybe his tastes are a little “bubblier? offers a really cute “Around the World” set. Everything an “afficionado” dreams about!
  • Are you in the same city? Ask him to accompany you to the hospital to visit a sick friend on Valentines Day. Apologize profusely for making him take that kind of trip, then surprise him with a trip to a local amusement park, goofy golf, or romantic picnic instead (we love the sneakiness in this one).
  • Plan a weekend at a local bed and breakfast, then surprise him by inviting his best friend from college and his wife along to join you. Have them show up at the B&B (and swear them to secrecy!)
  • Oh! Speaking of The Guy, have you see our golf-themed favors? Perfect for a wedding weekend golf tourney, bachelor party, or a great favor if your reception happens to be at the country club!

    Happy Planning!