Top Wedding Trends of 2016 According to Pinterest

As couples look to make their weddings unique, many new wedding trends are on the rise. From alternative ceremony seating to laid back settings, these are a few top wedding traditions to make and break according to Pinterest.

1. Unplugged Ceremonies

Searches for “unplugged wedding ceremony” sky rocketed 600 percent on Pinterest just in the past year. Couples want to live in the moment and are asking guests to put away their cameras and phones during the ceremony.

2. Circular Ceremony Seating

No guest will have a bad seat with these new creative seating arrangements! Spiral, square and horseshoe shapes are great ways to re-think ceremony seating.

3. Toss Bars

Couples are coming up with fun ways to make a grand exit. Toss bars with fresh flower petals or confetti allow guests to grab their own mix to toss at the kiss!

4. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

This trend continues to gain momentum since last year. Brides want flexible options to keep bridesmaids comfortable and happy.

5. Honeymoon Funds

Another top trending DIY: honeymoon funds! To help offset the high cost of their honeymoon, couples are asking guests to donate to their “honeyfund.” Honeyfunds are trending up 200 percent year over year according to Pinterest.

6. Non-Traditional Non-Religious Venues

Outdoor wedding venues like beaches and backyards are on the rise.

7. Food Trucks & Casual Dining

More couples are finding budget-friendly ways to feed their guests. Casual dining options such as food trucks are top options for couples versus a traditional sit down dinner.

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