Trash the Dress – Really?

Come on, seriously now! How much did you pay for that thing? Didn’t you spend MONTHS looking for the right one? How sure are you that Mama won’t have a complete heart attack about the whole idea anyway? And who needs a Mama in the hospital on the day you waltz down the aisle?

Tee hee! We know you don’t plan on ruining that lovely couture wedding gown. You’re SO smarter than that. “Trash the Dress” actually refers to a style of photography – one that places the dress, or the bride in the dress, in an environment that is quite a bit out of place with the “image”. Call it the “fashion photo” or an “artistic rendition” of the traditional wedding portrait. Let’s look at a few. They’re really kind of fun!

Oooh – this one brilliantly shows off the entire gown, doesn’t it?

This one’s pretty edgy -and probably not for everyone, but interesting, isn’t it?

Have a chat with your photographer early on if you’re interested in one of these. “Trash” shoots usually occur before wedding day, and may involve an extra fee – but it might be worth it!

Happy planning!

Trash or not trashing, you’ll want the most elegant wedding favors available!