Vintage Weddings Revisited

Kate Aspen wedding favors feel right at home in vintage weddings - so here's some excellent retro-vintage advice from the premier designer of elegant wedding favors!


Is he wearing lipstick?
Ha! Kind of looks that way, doesn’t it?

Back in the day, photography was a slow-go art form. Color was added after the picture was developed – by hand. Looks like this colorist got a little happy with the groom’s features, no?

Are you thinking vintage for your wedding? We figured you might be, so enjoy some vintage wedding inspiration (complete with vintage-inspired wedding favor ideas!)

For true vintage gown inspiration, browse shops like Antique Dress, Vintage Wedding, and Etsy. Jana Starr makes exquisite vintage-inspired wedding gowns from handmade antique laces!

Now if you’re seriously thinking vintage, at some point you are going to come face-to-face with the fabulous tussie mussie. Do not be afraid! Tussie mussies are actually an excellent vintage touch for your wedding. Here’s a hint: work with your florist to find silver tussie mussies that also come with a stand. Have one done for your mom and your sweetie’s mom to carry. Beautiful and quite the lovely keepsake!

Tussie mussies have a charming history. Lest you feel confused, here’s a quick tussie mussie history lesson:

  • See the flowers she’s holding? They’re nestled in a tiny vase attached by a chain to a bracelet on her wrist.
  • In the 19th century, this was called a “posy holder.”
  • Since personal hygiene wasn’t a big deal back then, ladies carried small nosegays like this to, um, “camouflage offending odors” and ward off disease (good luck with that!)
  • Later they became fashion statements for ladies of “courting age.” Suitors offered flowers to a “crush,” and, if she liked the guy, she’d skewer them into the holder with a long pin – kind of a Facebook “Like” gesture – then wear them on her wrist.
  • When they became popular in the US, they were called tussie mussies.
  • “Tussie” is from the old English word for nosegay. “Mussie” refers to the wet moss used to keep the flowers fresh. There now – history lesson complete!

Great news! Contemporary designers feature vintage in their current collections. Madeline Isaac-James just introduced a retro, old Hollywood glamor look to their collection. Complementary bridal shoes are available from stores like My Glass Slipper. You can find beautiful Victorian-flavored accessories while browsing the fabulous Etsy site. And vintage-inspired wedding favors? Among many in our own collection, you might consider “Remember Romance,” a beautiful keepsake bookmark, or perhaps the “Calla Lillies” frosted glass coasters!

Happy planning!