We All Scream for Ice Cream…Baby Showers!

Summer has so many sweet treats! But, by far, everyone’s favorite has got to be ice cream. Always yummy no matter what flavor you choose, it’s the coolest way to relax in the summer—bar none. From the very first taste, ice cream just has a way of making us happy.

So, why not bring that happiness to another joyous occasion—the birth of your new baby—with an ice cream shower? Sunny and sweet, it’s perfect for a summertime shower theme. Super cute babies and super sweet ice cream—they just go together! Why else do you think you crave it in the middle of the night?! Satisfy your craving for this dreamy creamy treat with these ice cream baby shower ideas!

Set the theme from the very start with a fun ice cream invitation. Whether you choose a classy parlour theme with old-fashioned, pink stripes and an awning or a modern look with trendy ice cream cones in abstract, your guests are sure to get the message that they’re in a for a treat.


Counting games are always fun, so why not have them guess the number of jelly bean toppings in a jar? You can even adapt a familiar favorite and have guests pin the ice cream on the cone! Create DIY stations where guests can have fun making homemade ice cream, creating their signature milkshake and even enjoying a full sundae bar complete with a seemingly endless supply of toppings and flavors.

Incorporating the ice cream theme into your décor is fairly simple. Use tall sundae bowls as a vase for a simply sweet floral arrangement, and make ice cream cone name tags for everyone to wear. Clusters of pastel balloons will almost look like scoops of ice cream when scattered throughout the room.

Favors & Gifts
Make sure that all the prizes for your games tie in with the theme, giving guests a chance to win a set of sundae bowls, an ice cream maker or gift certificates for a nearby scoop shop. You get the idea. Send the guests home with a little something to remember the day, like this delightful ice cream scoop baby shower favor. It will continue to serve up the smiles and memories each time they use it.

By the end of the day, they’ll all be screaming for ice cream. But, if you really want to heighten the experience, have an ice cream company, like Ben & Jerry’s, cater the cream!

Happy Planning!