Wedding Cakes We Love

Yes, sad but true. We are loyal, trustworthy and devoted fans of wedding cake. But then again, who isn’t?

We found these simply adorable wedding cakes from a bakery in London (England, that is.)

Aren’t they yummy looking?

These delish beauties put us in a shabby chic mood, so here’s an inspiration board just for you.


Yes, you mix styles and patterns and colors to get a good shabby chic feel – and you can do the same thing with your wedding favors. Mix and match to find the perfect pairings for your table. It’s a great conversation starter when your guests are seated, and a perfectly delightful way to say “thank you” in your own, personal style!

Happy planning!

Oh P.S.! If you like looking at wedding cakes, too – head over to LOVELY work!


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