Wedding Favors with a History

Kate Aspen looks at the history behind their Fleur-de-lis inspired elegant wedding favors.


You see it everywhere, whether it registers in your mind or not. In luminous stained-glass windows, above the top rail of exquisite iron fences, the fleur-de-lis symbol graces architecture, textile and design.


We’re fascinated with the multi-cultural symbolism of this flower-inspired emblem. Though it’s origin isn’t known, the fleur de lis (or fleur de lys – your choice), seems to have been around since early civilization, first appearing as a decoration in ancient Mesopotamia (kind of rings a bell from high school history class-doesn’t it?)

The literal French translation is “flower of the lily,” and it is probably an abstract version of an iris. The iris, in “flower-speak”, symbolises faith, wisdom, and promise in love.

The fleur de lis embellished the sheilds, by the way, of knights as they rode into battle to protect their castles and their damsels – how romantic!

It’s never been officially adopted by any of the French republics, but the fleur de lis remains a symbol of France, even appearing on French postage stamps. Florence, Italy and Schlieren, Switzerland consider it a symbol of their cities, too, and it appears on the King of Spain’s coat of arms. Even modern-day Quebec and New Orleans consider it the hallmark of their charming cities!


From ancient Mesopotamia to today, the fleur de lis stands as a symbol of love, virtue, loyalty and honor. How perfect for your wedding!

Happy Planning Ladies!