Wedding Wednesday: Consider asking guests to “unplug”

Ironically, this will be a photo-less post. I met Angie, of Suburbanite Photography,  last night and couldn’t be more excited to have her capturing our wedding day. While wedding-photo apps are gaining popularity, my fiance and I have been toying with the idea of whether or not to have an “unplugged wedding,” or at least an “unplugged ceremony.”  We discussed it with Angie and then today I stumbled upon this article on Huffington Post, confirming my thoughts (with visuals). We like Angie’s unobtrusive approach to wedding photography, which can be greatly hindered by what we like to call “guest photographers.” I just wanted to cry for the bride and groom whose album is missing the moment where the officiant said, “you may now kiss the bride” because they were blocked by an uncle eagerly lunging in to the aisle to capture the moment. Another guest might miss the moment all together, while trying to adjust the settings on their own camera.

We understand that guests who take pictures during a wedding ceremony are trying to do so in our best interest, with every effort of capturing the perfect shot of us coming down the aisle or saying our vows. However, for a number of reasons, we will kindly be asking our guests to “unplug” for our ceremony.

The top 5 reasons being:

1. We are paying Angie, a professional, to capture every moment of the day.

2. Guests’ camera flashes can interfere with Angie’s camera, yielding an image with colors washed out beyond repair.

3. We don’t want guests leaning out of their seats, blocking other guests (and the photographer).

4.  Extra cameras, their sounds, and flashes are a major distraction in wedding videos, filmed by a professional videographer.

5. I could go on and on, but most of all, we want guests to be present during the ceremony and enjoy it and witness it with their own eyes and not through the lens of a camera…or phone….or Ipad!

Now the reception is a different story. Photo-sharing wedding apps are a great way for guests to share their photos from the evening that  the bride and groom might not otherwise see. Daniel and I are lucky in that we have large families, all excited to celebrate with us. We are thrilled to have them capture the celebration during the reception!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Email responses and ideas to kindly ask guests to “unplug” to

This is  a guest blogger series from our Marketing Assistant, Nicole, who recently got engaged! “Wedding Wednesday” posts will be full of inspiration & updates updates as she and her fiance plan for their wedding next Spring.


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