Wedding Wednesday: Upcycled Wreath

What do you do with leftover place card holders from your wedding? Better yet, what about all of the little frames you have collected from weddings over the years? Remove the name card with your table assignment, and insert family photos! Upcycle those frames in to a beautiful family filled wreath for the holidays, or any day for that matter. We only needed a few extra supplies and we found them all at Hobby Lobby. Here’s what we used:

Wreath / Silver Pearls Frames / Beautifully Beaded Frames /

Floral Stem Wire (cut in half) / Burlap Ribbon / Scissors / Family Photos

We decided to use photos of coworkers’ families, but the options are endless. Some other great ideas – a family photo from each year, a photo of each family member (don’t forget your pets!), photos from a single event or party, or even quotes from favorite Christmas songs and stories. You can add some color and paint the frames too!

Happy Holidays!