Will the Girls Love Your Bridesmaid Gifts? With Kate Aspen, It’s in the Bag!

If you’re fully involved in wedding preparations, you already know there are a few choices you must make that are so critical to you, they push the needle into the red on the wedding-planning Stress-O-Meter—finding the most flattering gown, picking the best caterer, and selecting bridesmaid gifts that will wow each and every one of them. Let’s focus on the last nerve-wracking task.

Grooms have it easy when it comes to attendants’ gifts. They pick something they’d like for themselves, buy enough for the best man and groomsmen, probably give them to you to gift-wrap, hand them out and life is good.

Brides typically spend a lot more time on the process—thinking about style, color and usefulness as they relate to each individual girl, her personality, her taste, her lifestyle, and on and on and on. Time to turn off the Stress-O-Meter. Bridesmaid bliss is in the bag!

You just have to decide which bag. No, no, no! Don’t turn that meter back on! With Kate Aspen’s amazing selection of bags, the one you choose is sure to be welcomed with open arms. If you love it, they’ll love it.

But take a look at these tote bags, cosmetic bags, cosmetic travel bags and lunch totes—all masterfully designed to maintain their chic forever! And did we mention they can all be personalized?

We’ll start with Kate’s latest collection—“The Kensington.” First up, “The Kensington” Personalized Tote. The black-and-ivory damask design is what we like to call playful elegance—it’s the right look, no matter where you go! And check out these value-added features: 1) It’s reversible—one bag, two different looks! 2) The durable canvas bag has one pocket for things you need to find in a hurry. 3) It comes with a detachable wristlet change-purse. You can mix and match with “The Kensington” Cosmetic Travel Bag, a roomy make-up holder with two large, zippered plastic compartments, two smaller zippered plastic compartments and a handy metal hanger. It gives “looking good” a whole new meaning!

Just as chic and practical are two eye-catching bags from “The Cosmopolitan” collection. More make-up than any woman would ever need will fit easily in the roomy cosmetic travel bag. And how often do you find a safe and smart way to take your jewelry on trips? “The Cosmopolitan” Jewelry Pouch is as dashing as it is different. It’s also large enough for a big batch of baubles!

And the best part of all Kate Aspen’s “bags”? You don’t need an overflowing money bag to treat your girls to super-sophisticated, totally adored bridesmaid gifts! How’s that for a stress-buster?

Happy Planning!