2012 Wedding Trends: Out with the Old—In with the…Old?

Grandma’s wedding gown. What she now calls “that old thing” is, today, a trendsetter’s dream. For the coming year, two themes—vintage chic and woodland rustic—are emerging as frontrunners for brides. So what does that mean for you?

Happily, it means that you have two wonderful, trendy themes that can be as elaborate or as simple (read that as expensive or as affordable) as you care to make them. Good news for the budget-conscious bride, and, these days, who isn’t?


Picturesque venues abound for these two themes, both for indoor and outdoor celebrations! A Victorian-style home or event facility is a lovely setting for a vintage-theme wedding, assuming your vintage is the early 1900’s up until the 1940’s. Vintage 1940’s has some intriguing possibilities—it was a time of war. A 40’s-era church or perhaps a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) meeting hall would provide the perfect ambiance.

Woodland rustic settings include farms, vineyards, national, state and local parks, bed-and-breakfast facilities and even your own backyard.


A quick search for “vintage wedding gowns” online will yield plenty of options for you, and many bridal salons feature vintage-style gowns, as well as bridesmaid dresses. You might even want to find a hair dresser and make-up artist who can create vintage hairstyles and looks for you. Men look so handsome in a cutaway tuxedo (with tails!), and they’re perfect for a vintage wedding!

The rustic theme gives you a lot of leeway in gown choices. That said, if you’re goal is to create a homespun, natural ambiance, look for a gown that reflects those characteristics. Carry a bouquet of indigenous flowers or wildflowers. Simply gorgeous!

Take time to explore your chosen vintage era online. You’ll find essential information on ceremony, wedding venue and tabletop decorations. The Victorian era epitomized opulence, interest in the new science of botany (plants and flowers!), sentimentality and love of family, among other things. Your decorations can be as simple as flowers in a Victorian-style vase and family photos in ornate frames.

The right venue for a woodland rustic-theme event will go a long way to provide the perfect ambiance. Your table centerpieces can be a simple as wildflowers in Mason jars. Again, the ‘Net provides an overwhelming number of ideas and resources.

A vintage wedding calls for Victorian-style wedding favors, like the “Key to My Heart” Bottle Opener, the “Love Dove” bottle opener or the “Love Songs” birdcage tea light holder. If your chosen vintage is the 40;s, you might choose “Good Wishes” Glass Photo Coasters or the “Heart” chrome bottle stopper. Because the woodland rustic theme is surging, you’ll find wonderful themed wedding favors, like mini lanterns, our “Meant to Bee” honey-scented candle, the “Blooming” flower bottle stopper or “Lovebirds in the Window” salt-and-pepper shakers.

I’m glad these themes are trending for 2012, because they result in some of the most enjoyable and visually beautiful weddings. But, as I always say, don’t hesitate to set your own trends!

Happy Planning!