When It Comes To Favors and Gifts, We’re On The “Case”

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we love designing products that “wow”! Creative packaging has always been our focus. From suitcases to cosmetic cases, we’ve got the market cornered on fabulous favors and cute containers—case closed!

Making a “Case” for Cute Containers
According to the dictionary, the word “case” has several different meanings depending on its purpose. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that we’ve got a “case” for each meaning that’s listed.

Well, you can’t get more portable than a suitcase! Traveling here, there and everywhere, suitcases keep all your items neatly (or not so neatly, depending on how you packed) tucked away until you reach your destination. Our “Miles of Memories” suitcase favor tin does the same thing. But instead of socks and ties, you can pack them with sweet treats for your guests.

Speaking of traveling, our Cosmopolitan and Kensington Collection cosmetic cases are ideal for girls on the go! Case in point—they’re stylish, practical and can be personalized as a thoughtful bridesmaid gift.

Sometimes cases are used to carry things, and sometimes they’re used to cover things. Such is the case with our personalized playing cards. Enclosed in a clear plastic traveling case, our playing cards are not only protected they’re also personalized with a custom label. What a way to stack the deck in your favor!


When it comes to clever cases, sometimes it’s less about covering up and more about showing off! In addition to the cases that protect and carry, we can help you showcase your favorite treats! Just place them inside our clear, mini mason jars so that your guests can clearly see what’s in store for them.

Yes, when it comes to helping you find the right favors and gifts, you might as well consider us the Favor Detectives. Because, at Kate Aspen, it’s an open and shut case!

Happy Planning!