3 Magical Bridal Shower Games + Printables

You’ve decorated the bridal shower so that friends and family will be celebrating the bride and the upcoming wedding amid a magical wonderland. In addition to the sparkly unicorn decorations, fruit punch and memorable finger foods, bridal shower games are a great way to get the group together. Before you open presents, gather guests to play these magical games. Groups of friends, family and coworkers who are relative strangers will come away from this shindig as brand new friends.

We’ve got some seriously fun bridal shower games for you. Best of all, they come with free printables so these games are easier to play than ever.

Bridal Mad Libs

Remember Mad Libs from your childhood? There are a few ways to play Bridal Mad Libs…and all of them are hilarious. You could section off the guests into groups, have them come up with answers and then read the resulting wedding vows to the party. Or, have guests yell out suggestions and the leader of the get-together fills in the blanks. If you want the bride in the spotlight, have her fill in the blanks and then read the vows to a picture of her groom. Whichever you choose, everyone will be aching with laughter by the end.

Unicorn Themed Bridal Mad Libs | 3 Magical Bridal Shower Games + Printables | Kate Aspen

Download: Bridal Mad Libs Printable- Unicorn

Bride or Groom?

Print out enough of these Bride or Groom game sheets for everyone attending the bridal shower, including the bride. Guests can finally know who knows the bride and the groom the best. Some are things that only those closest to the couple will know. Others are all about what guests think the bride will say. Don’t forget, you could even choose both the bride and the groom, like for the final guess: “I will cry on the big day.” Guests will fill out the sheets, then the bride will read out the right answers. Who ever gets the most right wins!

Unicorn Themed Bride or Groom Game Printable | 3 Magical Bridal Shower Games + Printables | Kate Aspen

Download: Bride or Groom Printable- Unicorn

Bridal Bingo

Turn a traditional event like the bride opening her gifts into a fun affair for everyone with Bridal Bingo. Each guest fills out the squares on their bingo cards with gifts they think the bride might receive, like a robe, picture frame or cheese board. As she opens gifts, guests mark off squares from their board until the grand winner yells “Bingo!”

Unicorn Themed Bridal Bingo Printable | 3 Magical Bridal Shower Games + Printables | Kate Aspen

Download: Bridal Bingo Printable- Unicorn

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Which of these unicorn themed games would you choose for your bridal shower? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Planning!