6 Treat Yo’ Self Self-Care Gifts

From time to time, we drown in our work, worry about others, or get caught up in family life. Do you know what we lack during those hectic times? Self-care. That stress weighs on us, and we don’t do anything to lighten the load because other areas need our attention. However, it’s time to focus on what brings us joy and relaxation. Most importantly, it’s time to “Treat Yo’ Self” to a few exciting self-care gifts. Whether your idea of self-care is taking a long bath or dancing to music, we’ve got you covered on gifts that will help you to unwind.

1. Unicorn Bath Bomb

There are few things more relaxing than a nice soak in the bathtub. Then again, you could always make it extra special by throwing a bath bomb in the hot water. This magical unicorn bath bomb smells like delectable fresh fruit and hides a secret message. As the bomb dissolves, a piece of heart-shaped vellum is left floating atop the water, written with “You are magical like a unicorn.”

Unicorn Bath Bomb

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2. Ceramic Travel Mug

If your morning pick-me-up includes a warm cup of coffee, then this beautiful ceramic travel mug has your name all over it. The mug is white with gold and black accents with the message, “Works well with others, but only after coffee.” Sometimes, it’s the little things that can really make your day feel more special.

Works Well With Others Travel Coffee Mug

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3. Tea Infuser

Are you a connoisseur of tea? Start your day or end your hectic night with a new tea flavor or your favorite loose leaf tea and this teapot-shaped tea infuser. You can even make it part of your daily routine. Couple this tea time with a Netflix show or the book you’ve been meaning to read.


Tea for Two Teapot Infuser


4. “Winosaur” Stemless Wine Glasses

“You time” can absolutely involve a bottle of wine. Get a fancy glass, like this set of four stemless wine glasses, to sip your favorite beverage in style. Pair this set with a bottle of wine and you’re crafting a magnificent night of self-care. If you prefer winding down with a friend or your partner, pour them a glass as well and vent away.


Wino-A-Saur Stemless Wine Glass


5. Gold Mercury Candle Holders

Bath bombs aren’t the only things that can make a regular bath special. Get a set of four gold mercury candle holders and a handful of scented candles to dot around the edge of the tub. Candles create a flickering ambient light that is a lot more relaxing than the harsh bathroom ceiling fixture. Dim the lights and you’re all set to relax!

Gold Mercury Glass Tea Light Holder

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6. Ceramic Phone Amplifier

Now you can live by the adage, “dance like no one’s watching,” with this ceramic phone amplifier. Music is some of the best impromptu therapy and can lift your mood up to the sky with just the length of a short, motivational song. Make this moment even more powerful with a handcrafted Spotify playlist and this speaker.


Marble Ceramic Phone Amplifier

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