A Lovely Garden Birthday Party

Every young lady dreams of having a big birthday bash where she can dress up and have fun with her closest friends. Springtime is the perfect season to throw a huge celebration. With fresh cut flowers, vintage decor, lots of desserts, and best friends, we’re sharing a lovely garden birthday party any girl is sure to love!

Two Girls on a Bike | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Lovely Vintage Details

For the teenage girl who loves vintage and shabby chic style, set up a beautiful outdoor garden party. Complete with the perfect antique details including a vintage bicycle built for two. Use it as a decor prop, or let guests ride it during the party.

Garden Party Decor | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

A vintage dresser makes the perfect drink station and sweets table for this birthday party. Fill the top with pink lemonade bottles and apothecary jars with the birthday girl’s favorite sweet treats. Surround the dresser with other small tables with accompanying food – like watermelon slices on sticks and decorative cookies.

Table Setting | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Set the table with vintage details as well! When you use vintage mix and match china on the tables, you’ll create a tablescape that’s unique and fun. Fill the center of the table with pink, orange, and yellow blooms for a truly beautiful tablescape.

The Sweetest Treats + Drinks

A lovely garden birthday party deserves pretty treats and drinks to match! Pink lemonade is definitely the perfect refreshing drink for an outdoor celebration.

Milk Jars | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Pour lemonade into milk bottles or mason jars, and place a paper straw with a rose gold flag in each one. For an alternative option, set up a DIY drink making station. Have different colored flags, burlap, ribbons, and glue guns. Guests can be creative, make their own straw, and decorate their own cup.

Popcorn | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Flavored popcorn is a wonderful addition! With colors to match the theme, guests can enjoy popcorn while they celebrate or can take it home with them as a party favor when they go. Place the popcorn in a unique place that will complement the decor.

Candy Station | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Make sure to include some of the birthday girl’s favorite desserts at her birthday party! Candies and lemon bars can make a birthday so much sweeter. Guests will love coming back for seconds.

Food Table | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Decorated cookies, summer fruits, and tea sandwiches are all ideal for this kind of birthday party.

Garden Activities Galore

The activities at an outdoor birthday party are endless! Designate game stations, and choose a variety of fun games to play to keep guests entertained throughout the party. Ring toss, a sack race, and a photo booth are all great activity options.

Ring Toss | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

A bottle-in-crate ring toss is a great game to play and is easy to DIY! Paint old bottles in your desired color, and place them in a vintage crate. Let guests throw rings at the bottles. The person who gets the most rings on the bottles wins a prize.

Photo Booth | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Hang vintage picture frames from a tree with ribbon for a quirky photo booth! The girls will love having their pictures taken. Once the day is over, the photos will be fun to have as a reminder of the eventful day!

Seating Area | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Set up an adorable outdoor seating space for the girls to sit and chat. They’ll love having a place to hang out that’s just for them! It even becomes the perfect spot for an impromptu photo shoot!

Sack Race | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

Sack races are such a fun activity to try at an outdoor birthday party. The gals will have fun jumping around in their sacks while racing each other. Whoever wins the race can get a prize as well! This game will surely create some funny memories to look back on.

Dog | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

And don’t forget to invite the celebrant’s OTHER best friend – her pup! Not only will her dog love the time outdoors, but he’ll also love the attention he gets from all of the party guests.

Birthday Girl & Her Friend | A Lovely Garden Birthday Party | Kate Aspen

A lovely garden birthday party is the perfect laid back party theme for a teenage girl. She’ll fall in love with the decor, food, and activities. Plus, she’ll create long-lasting memories with her childhood friends that she’ll cherish as she grows older.


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Happy Planning!

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