A Twist of Tangerine – the Color Report

I was just scanning through the latest Bride Preference Survey, looking for taste trends for the upcoming summer wedding season. I’m always interested in the new colors, and I see where Greens are big – emerald, sage, turquoise (which can lean towards green or blue, depending on how you look at it), chartreuse – oh, the variations are endless!

Silvers and pale greys seem to be popping up quite a bit, as are blues of all hues (did I just make a rhyme?).

But here’s a color trend that intrigues me – tangerine! And here’s how our brides describe using it:

  • …with a splash of tangerine
  • …with an explosion of tangerine
  • …just a touch of tangerine
  • …Tangerine! And lots of it!

What an exciting twist of sunny color! So I decided to do a little research, and look at all the possibilities!


I hope you enjoyed this little splash of tangerine on a sunny day!

Until next time …