Kitchen Showers!


We stay in touch with our Brides through surveys and research – and I have to say the most important “happening” right now seems to be the Kitchen Shower.  What a glorious way to celebrate the upcoming wedding, and what a wonderful way to help the Bride stock her kitchen with great gadgets and appliances!

LOL – I even know about one Bride who absolutely does not and will not cook, so the hostess for her Kitchen Shower suggested gift cards to local restaurants – how clever!

With the shower comes the food, and sometimes the food becomes the “theme”.  Our designers have had so much fun thinking up creative favors to match the demand.  I’ll share a few here – maybe they will give you a little inspiration?

Serving ice cream at your Kitchen Shower?  “Make Your Own Sundae” or a “Banana Split” party is a fun theme (as suggested by LeAnne J. from Houston).  The perfect favors?

Some theme suggestions?  Try these on for size:

  • Sweet Celebration
  • Scoop of Love

Here’s one several people were suggested – Pizza and Pasta Kitchen Showers – how neat!  (and how yummy!).  Favors anyone?

Theme ideas?  How about:

  • Olive You
  • Slice of Love
  • Seasoned with Love

A little Cocktail Party Kitchen Shower?

Oh, I’ll stop with the themes – you know I can just go on and on and on …..

Best wishes from Kate’s Kitchen Shower Idea Factory – tee hee!


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