After the proposal,

Kate Aspen knows how special your wedding favors need to be - and we take that very, very seriously.


all the dreaming and all the planning comes The Big Day.


Your friends and family arrive to take their places, looking forward to watching you glide magnificently down the aisle.

Yes, there will be a tear or two as they watch the exchange of heart-felt forever vows. Isn’t there always?

And there will be gigantic smiles of happiness, joy and most probably applause as you walk, arm-in-arm, back up the aisle, blissfully united.

You’ll raise a glass with them and bask in a fine round of congratulatory toasts as you celebrate your commitment to grow together as a couple.

And they’ll herald your honeymoon send-off with a shower of love and flowers and best wishes.

Your guests just made your day perfect and complete, didn’t they? Share your gratitude and thank them in your own, unforgettable way with a keepsake for lasting memories.

We design unforgettable wedding favors, because we understand just how special you want them to be.

Happy planning!