Get Married in a Most Unusual Place!

Scouting for locations for your winter destination wedding - or maybe looking for a fabulous winter wedding honeymoon location - then join Kate Aspen and tour the Hotel de Glace in Quebec!


Talk about a white wedding – here’s the ultimate! But don’t go thinking you can just up and elope to this exotic venue. It’s only available for a few short months during the year – so you’ll need to do a little advance planning…

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Destination Quebec. Such a fabulous place, and the old parts of the city MUST be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Breath taking views, historic hotels, quaint little shops down winding cobblestone lanes, and gastronomic delights galore await exploration.

Oh – and The Funicular – put that on your “can’t miss” list for sure.

Quebec is a great choice for a honeymoon destination any time of year, but we have an even better suggestion for a super-unique location for a winter wedding. Right outside Quebec you’ll find the Hôtel de Glace, but only between late January 2011 and late March 2011. After that, it’s toast – or water, actually.

The Hôtel de Glace is the only ice hotel in the Americas. Just so you’ll know, it takes 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice to get build a crystal palace like this. Construction begins in early December, and artists and craftsmen work around the clock to have everything ready for the annual grand opening in early January. Once the doors open, you’ll find ice chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and exquisite furniture sculptured from ice. 36 guest rooms are available – but every year they’re a bit different. So if you come for your wedding, then return for your anniversary – expect a new and delightful experience!

In 2010 alone, the hotel hosted 42 unforgettable wedding ceremonies. As a Hôtel de Glace bride-to-be, you’ll work with a team of professionals to craft the perfect package for your dream wedding in the on-site ice crystal chapel.

Doesn’t this sound like an amazing experience? And there’s so much more! Romantic wedding packages include your own personal champagne flutes crafted from ice. You can entertain your guests at the ice bar, local catering arrangements are available, and yes – you can spend your first night together as husband and wife in one of the incredible theme rooms.

The efficient staff at Hôtel de Glace caters to your every whim, even suggesting a local designer to custom tailor the perfect Ice Princess Gown for your wedding day. And as always, Kate Aspen designers have the perfect wedding favors for just this special winter wedding celebration.

Tempted to find out more? Click the logo to visit their website. You’ll find the staff to be courteous and extremely helpful with your questions.

Happy planning!

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