Amanda & Mark – “Engaging” Photos

Aha! The wait is over. And we are SO thrilled to share these dynamite pictures from Mark and Amanda’s engagement shoot. Just look!

Amanda, you’ll recall, is one of our super-talented product designers, and our own Kate Aspen Bride. She and Mark (yes, Mark of the romantic Christmas Day porch-proposal) are planning a fall wedding in North Carolina.

Artistic Amanda was looking for something contemporary for her engagement photos. She was lucky to find Rebecca Schlieman of Millie Holloman Photography. Amanda was immediately attracted to Rebecca’s portfolio. Calling it “young, edgy, fresh,” Amanda says, “I was immediately captivated by the creative way Rebecca captures personality in her work – Mark and I knew right away she was the right photographer for us!”

And we have to agree 100%! Look what happens when you blend together a beautiful sunny day, a gorgeously in-love couple, and a fabulous, talented photographer!

You can see more of Rebecca’s work when you click here. Millie Holloman Photography also has an engaging blog, which you can see here.

And you can learn more about the preparations leading up to Amanda and Mark’s wedding day by following along here on this blog!

Thank you Amanda for sharing. And you were so right, both of your delightful personalities shine right through these incredible pictures.

Amanda’s wedding will feature shades of gray and blush pink.