Peacock Perfection!

Kate Aspen is all about adding a bit of whimsey to your wedding day and your wedding favors - so let's look at Peacock Weddings!

Blue, blue, blue. Azure, tiffany, aqua, navy, baby, pale, silvery, teal – call it what you will, blue is and always has been the one constant favorite wedding color.

Have you given a thought to a peacock blue? Such rich, turquoise elegance! But you have to be careful with your peacock! A tad is perfect, but too much and, well, you end up with something like this. . .

Let’s look at some sensible peacock touches for your wedding plans – so much feathery fun!

If we had one good piece of Peacock Advice to share, it would be the old adage “less is more.” Use just a touch of feather flirtiness – a smidge in unexpected places, then dig deep and use the colors of the feather to enhance your celebrations. Rich chocolate brown bridesmaids dresses, or perhaps a deep sage – carry that through to your reception tablescapes, and tuck in a peacock feather here and there for a truly exciting POP of sassy fun.

We read somewhere that “peacock is the new damask.” No, we don’t quite agree. Peacock is just too delicious for that – so have fun with it!

(And here’s a little guilty pleasure bonus for you – are these not just the best!)

The perfect wedding favors for a peacock theme?