Amanda & Mark – Wedding On The Way!

Kate Aspen favors and is TOTALLY excited about the upcoming wedding of our own Amanda and her dashing groom-to-be Mark - TOTALLY excited! So we share...



Amanda’s getting married! Amanda’s really, really getting married – to a most wonderful partner, by the way. We don’t want to leave out Mark – the fabulously smart fellow who so brilliantly chose Amanda to be his bride. Oh, please don’t think there’s any prejudice here – just because Amanda is one of our awesomely talented Product Designers – no, nope, uh-uh Not us!

So let’s review where it everything sits right now, because we’re going to keep you posted, week-to-week, leading up to the Big Day. So exciting!

Mark’s proposal to Amanda was an exquisite Christmas Day TOTAL surprise, in front of her family, on the front porch of the family home in Raleigh. (To make it even more special, her grandmother and grandfather were engaged on Christmas Day, too!) The date was soon set set around a bouquet of activities and family plans, and the wedding coordinating began (led by Amanda, of course, but helped well-along by her Mom, a former wedding coordinator!)

Completely crafty Amanda took charge of the Save the Dates, even designing envelope liners to launch a blush and pale grey color theme for the wedding. The family rallied ’round to help.

The engagement shoot was fabulous – and their adorability factor is captured forever on film.

THE dress is chosen, fitted, and ready to shine. The venue and the reception (food, cake and floral decorations included) are done – fini – ready! The ceremony will take place in her family church in North Carolina – such a beautiful setting! The reception is just down the street at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences – trendy, interestingly edgy, and beautiful – just like Amanda (and Mark – seriously Mark – we’re not forgetting you here, really.)

Attendants are at ready, dresses altered, tuxes on deck, showers and celebrations are ongoing (and so-so many good stories), menus planned, hotels booked – oh so much has happened since we last shared!

And so much is still going on!

Next week Amanda has an appointment for her formal wedding portrait – dress, hair, makeup and all the good stuff – with her official wedding photographer, Emily Alane.

And the honeymoon! Oh-oh-oh newsflash! In our last update, Amanda and Mark were thinking Caribbean – but we’ll let you in on the secret. Mark found something even better – hold your breath…

Barcelona! That’s right, glorious Spain – a breath taking week at the fabulous Hotel ME Barcelona. With its incredible architecture perched right on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it is the PERfect place for the newlyweds – but so much more on that later – SO much more!

We SO look forward to sharing the happy with you – every Thursday – leading up to Mark and Amanda’s amazing day!

Happy planning!

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