Beyond Snowflakes and St. Nick: Alternative Colors for Your Winter Wedding

Getting married around the holidays can make an already festive time even merrier. Everything aglow with warm candles and classic red and green, you’ve got two reasons to be in a jolly mood—it’s Christmas and it’s your wedding! When planning a holiday or winter wedding, most brides lean towards red and green in various combinations or a creating a winter wonderland with snowflakes. But, if you don’t want your wedding to look like a holiday party, you should consider these non-traditional color combinations for your winter wedding.

Jewels of Christmas
Dark, rich jewel tones make an excellent alternative to the traditional red and green. Celebrating the treasure you’ve found in each other, royal blue, purple, emerald green, ruby red, silver and gold come together beautifully. Dress your bridesmaids in classic black dresses, and choose one of these deep colors to make it pop. These vibrant colors are perfect for an evening wedding and help keep the wedding from looking too bright against the winter backdrop.

Vintage Romance
For the hopeless romantic who’s still a little traditional, a vintage theme with a hint of romance will make a lovely choice. Ruby red with a sparkle of gold always says love and romance, and the addition of rose petals, candelabras and a little bit of lace will make your wedding a charming affair.

Glam it up for the holidays!
Whether it’s for Christmas or New Year’s, metallics are marvelous! Think nothing but shimmering color and pure opulence. Tinsel town won’t have a thing on these stylish wedding colors. Complete the look with silver and gold wedding favors, so your guests can take a little sparkle home with them.

Barely There
Sometimes no color at all can make a striking impression. Going with a collection of neutrals can provide the warmth of the season without the seasonal color. Shades of cream, tan, beige and other neutral colors create an elegant, chic that’s unmistakably you!

Happy Holidays!