Browsing Lady Gaga’s Closet For Bridal Footwear– How to Choose the Shoes for the Walk of Your Life!

Is it possible ultra-stars with, um, totally bizarre personal styles like Lady Gaga are influencing designers of bridal shoes?

Let’s take a look…

Can you pick out the shoes GaGa actually wore?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Lady Gaga’s style sense. She was born that way, and more power to her for expressing herself with abandon! I’m sure the Lady herself will tell you she, too, pays attention to what I call The Four S’s for Choosing Bridal Shoes (or any shoes, for that matter!)

What time of year are you getting married? Sandal styles are divine in summertime, but you might want to pull back a bit on flashing your feet in winter. If you’re determined to show some skin, look for a peep-toe, a mule or a sling-back with a closed toe. Season definitely matters!

Where are your ceremony and reception being held? On a beach or on grass, you’d be better off barefoot than sporting super-high heels. Those heels will sink in the sand so fast, your shoes will look like flats and you’ll find yourself waddling down the aisle. Flats are always in style (and trending right now!), but if you want a little lift, look for a wide, broad heel or a wedge. Save the stilettos for a hard surface.

Your shoes should synch with the style of your dress. Buy the dress before you buy your shoes to guarantee a style and color match. (It’s easier to pop a shoe in your big purse than to drag a dress from shoe store to shoe store.) Laid-back weddings give you less-formal shoe options. Formal weddings (traditional gowns, big venue)? You’ll need formal shoes, like a classic pump or pretty sling-back. Enhance formal footwear easily with embroidery, crystals and other embellishments.

Before you choose the shoes, spend a good twenty minutes in the shoe store walking around in them. Search for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are naturally bigger. (As you walk about during the day, gravity pulls the fluids in your body toward your feet and they swell.) You’re supposed to look beautiful on your wedding day. Wincing in pain spoils the look. Comfort is essential! Your feet—and your face–will be happy every moment.

As a woman, I know how you feel about shoes! That’s why so many of our bridal shower favors and girls’ night out favors feature shoes in their design. Your girls will surely get a kick out of these!

When it comes to picking bridal shower favors or the perfect pair of wedding, we’re here to keep you on your toes!

Happy Planning!