Eastern-Inspired Wedding Favors

Kate Aspen celebrates the exquisite, exotic beauty of the far east with its Imperial wedding favor collection.


Oh it’s SO exquisite and one of these days we’ll get there. Promise! The Taj Mahal is a symbol of enduring love. Begun in 1633 as a memorial to a queen who died in childbirth, the world has never seen another building with so much powerful emotion expressed within its walls.

The finely detailed art of the far east inspired our “Imperial” wedding favor collection. Just recently we added the “Lucky Elephant” bookmark, with a silken tassel “tail” dangling flirtatiously from the cleverly designed gift box. We thought you might enjoy musing for a moment about how you can mix and match, and add a little far-eastern inspiration to your wedding favors.

With good wishes for your wedding day-to-come!

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