A Salute to Bridesmaids (and a tip)

Kate Aspen salutes bridesmaids through the ages (and gives you a really cute bridesmaid gift idea, too!)


Let’s all stop what we’re doing for a minute and give a standing ovation to all the ladies through the ages who have endured corkscrew curls, weird headpieces, bright red lipstick (“for the pictures, sweetie-it’ll look so nice”), sweaty groomsmen, and standing in the rain- snow-chapel-blazing sun for their best friends, sorority sisters and close family members – bridesmaids! Hip hip hooray! Where would a bride be without them?

Thank you. You may be seated now for the bride’s tip of the day:

On “mani-pedi” day, or maybe on “lunch by the pool” day, have your caterer pack a delish picnic lunch in our thermal lunch totes – each personally embroidered with their name!

Is this not a great idea or what? For an extra, thoughtful surprise, slip in a little monogrammed purse valet, a handy manicure set, or what about a wicked-cute personalized coozie?

Happy Planning!