Elevate Your Dresser: Trinket Dish Edition

If you're trying to keep your bedroom chic, like it has come straight off the pages of a home decor Instagram account, there's an area you might be forgetting about. Rather than plonking down your jewelry and accessories in a heap on top of your dresser, class it up with trinket dishes. They come in a variety of designs to fit nearly any bedroom theme. Get ready to elevate your dresser!

1. Llama Trinket Dish

Love a whimsical, animal-themed design? The llama trinket dish features gold and pastel accents in a fun llama shape. It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Llama Trinket Dish

2. "My Stuff, Don't Touch" Trinket Dish

Want a message that's just as strong-willed as you are? Pick the "My Stuff, Don't Touch" trinket dish. Everyone will know to keep away once they read this gorgeous lettering.

3. Heart-Shaped Trinket Dish

Show off your love for love with this heart-shaped trinket dish. This works perfectly in a romantic bedroom setting. Leave your best jewelry and accessories atop this message of "Love," written in gold script.

Heart-Shaped Trinket Dish

4. "This Just Got Real" Trinket Dish

Celebrating a momentous occasion? The "This Just Got Real" trinket dish will be a reminder of the moment when you said "Yes" to your proposal. You'll forever have somewhere special to keep your most treasured possession: The engagement ring.

"This Just Got Real" Trinket Dish

5. Miss to Mrs. Trinket Dish

Another alternative to celebrate your new engagement, this "Miss to Mrs." trinket dish instantly adds a pop of color to your dresser or nightstand. Your hoop earrings and dainty necklaces will fit in this dish as well!