Five Types of Bridal Showers to Get You Thinking

Kate Aspen gives you five bridal shower ideas (and five matching favor ideas) to get your creative juices flowing!



“She’s getting married! We have to give her The Best Shower Ever!”

Here are five different wedding showers for your Shower Think Tank!

Sip and Paint – Seems there’s one on every corner these days, usually in a tony little shopping strip, where you can paint on canvas or pottery or even on glassware – and the owner sets the mood for fun! Check out the crafts section of the Yellow Pages to find one. They are happy to accommodate bridal showers – you sip, paint, open gifts and have a ball! Tip: Paint your own invitations – pick up blank craft invitations at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Favor Suggestion


Monogrammed Insulated Can Holder

Honey-Do Oh, go ahead – include the guys. A “Honey-Do” shower is a cute take on a Hardware Shower. Be sure your couple is registered at hardware stores, like Home Depot. Look for clever “tool” invitations to set the mood. A backyard barbecue is always good for a “Honey-Do”.

Favor Suggestion


Hot off The Grill!

Recipe – I love this shower! Buy some really cute recipe cards and include them with the invitation. Or put two in the envelope and make one the invitation! Instruct your guests to write out a recipe on the card, then make their gift something that goes along with the recipe – like a favorite salad, coupled with a salad bowl and tongs! Tip: A good game for this shower – The Spice Guessing Game. Fill small bowls with different spices. Give everyone paper and pencil, pass around the spices, and let everyone guess what they are.

Favor Suggestion


Recipe for Love!

Sushi – Depending on where you live, you can do this one in-house from a take-out menu, or go to the Sushi Bar – they’d love to accommodate your group! Use asian-themed invitations and do it up right!

Favor Suggestion


Double Happiness Bottle Stopper!

Zoo – You’re never to old to enjoy the zoo (or a local museum works just as well). Call your local zoo to get ideas – they are always hosting parties. Use a zoo-themed invitation then go enjoy the lions and the tigers!

Favor Suggestion


Imperial Elephant Tea Light Holder!

Happy Planning!