Let’s Look at Roses, Shall We?

Kate's been writing about flower symbolism in weddings for a few weeks now. This week she speaks the language of roses!



If you’ve been reading along for the past few weeks, then you’ve noticed a few posts about the symbolism of flowers. Sure, when you put your wedding bouquet together, color is going to play a big part in your decision. But what about a little sweet symbolism tucked in alongside your color-punch? And roses? Well, they have a language of their own.

We already know that red roses speak of love, pure and simple. Did you know that the white rose is the traditional wedding flower? The white rose carries a message of purity, innocence and unity, making it the perfect bloom for a wedding bouquet.


Pink roses are the coquettes of the rose family. Standing for grace, elegance, sweetness and poetic romance in general, different pink hues carry additional meaning. The lighter shades convey gentleness and admiration, while the deeper shades convey gratitude and appreciation.


No, silly. The yellow rose does not just stand for Texas! They’re actually native to the Middle East, and throughout the centuries they’ve been associated with the sun. Today they convey joy and friendship.


Do I have a personal favorite? I love them all, but the peachy-pink Sonia rose is my fave!

Sonia roses and seeded Eucalyptu bouquet

What’s yours? Leave a comment, please! I love to hear your thoughts.



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