Got Cosmopolitans? The Second Step to a Great Girls’ Night Out!

So glad to see you back! We’re still having the time of our lives giving you the low-down on high times—Cosmo-style. Let’s jump right into it—

Mushy Movie Night
Here’s another get-together that can take place at home or away. The only rule is that it has to be a mushy movie—no horror, action or war movies. Two-tissues or more movies only! Order pizza for delivery, have everyone bring a dish or, after the movie, head to a favorite restaurant to eat and enjoy—what else? Cosmos! Wrap up the evening by giving your guests a girls’ night out favor that keeps the party going when they get home—“Bottoms Up!” Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mix. All they’ll need is a mushy movie and a box of tissues.

“Vive la France” Night
Hey, if you’ve got the money to transport your party to Paris, don’t let us stop you. In fact, we’d love an invitation! If you’re like us, you’ll have to bring the Eiffel Tower to your own town. It’s easy! Wear berets. Eat at a French restaurant—go for the snails, the frog legs and the croissants. (French fries are not an option.) See a French movie. You might even want to treat yourselves to a bottle French champagne at dinner (and end the night with Cosmos at a good ol’ American bar or night club.) Oh, and French-themed favors are perfectly acceptable as a reminder for your tres magnifque soiree (totally magnificent evening!) Yes, we’ve got those, too!

“Far Out” Food-Tasting Night
Well, we find ourselves with another night that can be just as much fun home or away. And we’re talking really far-out food—exotic foods you’ve never tasted before. This might sound a little like “Vive la France” night, with the snails and frog legs. Look for a Peruvian restaurant, an Ethiopian restaurant, a Bulgarian restaurant or a place equally as different from your typical girls’ night out fare. If you host the night at home, ask each guest to make an unusual (but yummy-sounding) dish from another country. (Tacos and lasagna don’t count.) Add a few interesting side dishes of your own, and don’t forget the Cosmos—which go with foods of all nations!

Having fun, ladies? Welcome to the club!

Happy Planning!