Is “Bride Envy” Affecting Your Wedding Planning?

You’re in the process of planning, picking and choosing every detail of your wedding, scanning bridal magazines, going to bridal shows, perusing wedding blogs and popular wedding planning sites, comparing possible locations for a destination wedding, running from bridal salon to bridal salon, reception venue to reception venue, florist to florist…

But you already know that. I’m here to offer a possible reason why your wedding planning might seem never-ending, yet you’re not getting anything accomplished.

It’s called “Bride Envy.”
Here’s what might be happening: Your effort to keep up with new trends and incorporate the latest in wedding ideas has you grasping onto every fabulous, new thing in the most recent mag, blog, wedding site, anywhere you’re going to catch the latest and the greatest for brides.

Stop. Focus. Every time you see an amazing idea, don’t feel you have to figure out a way to incorporate it into your wedding. You’re probably the only one attending your wedding who’s aware of all the cool options brides have these days. And, in case you haven’t noticed—something new and breathtaking hits the market every day.

What Makes a Wedding Perfect?
Two words: Your attitude. Don’t lose sight of the reason you’re celebrating—you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the person you fell in love with, and all you really need is an officiant, a couple of “I do’s”, and a kiss for luck. Everything else is just icing on the wedding cake.

Start by picking a theme—the title of a love song, your wedding season, hearts, wine, beach, fairy tale, whatever has meaning for you as a couple. Sticking with a theme (and your budget!) will help keep you focused and somewhat simplify your style choices.

Even with a theme and color scheme, choices will be practically endless. Only you can keep your planning under control, and, by the way, you do have a deadline.

Speaking of Practically Endless Choices…
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Happy Planning!