Never Underestimate the Power of an Initial

For just one solitary letter, an initial carries a lot of weight—even more so when it’s accompanied by two more! Flexing their monogramming muscle all over the place, your initials can be presented on cool things like bags and boxes to make a striking “initial” impression. Taking things up a notch or two, a simple cube favor box can be transformed into a monogrammed wedding favor with all the elegance a stylish wedding, like yours, should have. Always stately and distinguished, it doesn’t matter whether you use one, two or three letters. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking monograms are stiff and boring. They have a way of becoming quite trendy when placed on flip-flops, cosmetic cases and travel totes. When it comes to wedding favors and bridesmaid gifts from Kate Aspen, it’s all about the alphabet!

Worth its weight in gold—and silver!
A gift that is personalized just for you is priceless! That’s why we’ve designed quite a few than can carry your initials or monograms in style. What a way to increase the value of your thank-you gifts! You can see what a difference a letter makes on these favor boxes.

Personally yours
If you’re looking for a bridesmaid gift that’s letter perfect, you don’t have to look far. Cosmetic cases, tote bags, comfortable kicks and aprons give their initial a fun place to hang out. An expression of your personal style—and theirs—your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate these personalized perks that come with being a part of your special day. It’ll be just their type!

Add your own character
A great thing about personalizing items with an initial or monogram is that you don’t have to leave it to the professionals. You can personalize many items yourself by slipping a monogrammed piece of paper inside an elegant picture frame, using a custom stamp to imprint a favor box, or adding a personalized tag to any gift presentation. Here are a few ideas that you can transform into something wonderful with just one letter:

Happy Planning!