Solar Power Pantone – It’s HOT this Season!

Nothing harkens visions of Spring like a warm, vibrant yellow. Straight from the fashion runway to your wedding aisle, Solar Power is “What’s Hot” this season!

Considered the “optimist” of the color wheel, yellow stimulates the senses and evokes feelings of joy. Modern, yet familiar – this happy hue is certain to enliven the room.

And a little Solar Power goes a long way to make a memorable statement to your wedding décor. From bold bridesmaids dresses to a subtle bouquet, a yellow color palette leaves a lasting impression.

For an über -contemporary aesthetic, feature this yellow with bold, geometric prints. Kate Aspen’s Skylights Mini-Lantern looks HOT with this ensemble. You can also pair Solar Power with a warm grey for an ultra-modern, chic look.

For a softer feel, pair this yellow with vintage florals, organic shapes, and softer lines. Kate Aspen’s White Baroque Frame or our demure Meant to Be Candle will complement your table décor and delight your guests.

So, whether you are a traditionalist or a trend-setter, your special day can’t help but shine with Solar Power.

Be inspired and shine on!