Something Old, Something New, Something Sodalite Blue

It’s finally that time – winter isdrawing to a close, and spring is knocking at our door! With warmer weather comes the lure of bright cheerful color – sunny yellows, exotic oranges, lush, tropical greens. Why not pair these cheery pops of color with a rich, sophisticated, spring blue?

Sodalite blue takes its name from the mineral sodalite, a beautiful gemstone boasting streaks of royal blue. Though the color is rich and bold, sodalite blue is sophisticated enough to ground brighter colors – it looks wonderful paired with lime green, and adds an unexpected twist to a palette of coral and fuchsia. A casual spring wedding adorned with bright florals would welcome a dose of this rich, calming hue.

At a casual beach wedding, breezy neutrals and seaglass tones look great with a bold pop of sodalite blue. A twist of ribbon or a few vintage vases are all you need to add that dose of sophistication!

Whether it’s a festive spring affair, or a casual soiree by the shore, no wedding is complete without favors! Complement your new favorite shade of blue with a few of our favorites from Kate Aspen.

Happy planning!