They’re “Running the Brides” in Atlanta

Pamplona has their bulls. In Atlanta we have our Brides.

Yes wedding fans, today is “D-Day” (“D” as in dress, as in wedding gown) at Filene’s Basement in Buckhead or, as the company prefers to call it – the annual Filene’s Running of the Brides. And oh boy, is it ever an event!

Brides come from all over the Southeast (and beyond) to form a line that wraps around a couple of huge city blocks. They come in groups, they come in teams, they wear coordinated outfits for easy recognition in the crowd, and they come with one goal in mind – getting THE designer dress at THE best price – EVER!

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They say the average time it takes to strip the racks, once the door is opened, is about five minutes. Then it becomes a festival of trading and swapping and trying on and on and on and on and, well, on.


There are a few differences between the bulls of Pamplona and the Brides of Filene’s Atlanta:

  • The brides are beautiful. The bulls are not
  • The brides are pretty peaceful and considerate of each other. The bulls are not.
  • No blood is shed in Atlanta. Can’t say the same thing about Pamplona.
  • The brides of Filene’s Atlanta are on a journey of love. The bulls, well, bless them.

So cheers to the brave and daring participants in Atlanta’s Running of the Brides today. May you live happily ever after with your new husband and your shopping savvy!

Oh! A shout-out to Stella Fiori at today for featuring our totally precious “Love-sicle” soap favor in her latest article. Thanks Stella!