Vintage Wedding Reception


Sometimes setting a vintage mood for your wedding reception can simply involve color and collection. Let me explain – as you can see in this beautiful outdoor setting, subtle, rich color and sumptuous fabrics draped freely over the table set the perfect tableaux for a burst of soft, heirloom flowers and large, ornate candelabra. Casual, yet inviting and glamorous.

grandma Does someone in your family (or his) have a few of your great-grandmother’s pieces? A victorian table set with an antique vase from a family collection makes the perfect wedding book table. Slip the pens into a vintage creamer for that extra-special touch!


Your caterer or bakery can provide you with vintage-look cake stands.

foodtable Don’t match! Find different textures and color collections to add to your vintage feel, like this aged terra-cotta planter bursting, yet again, with heirloom blooms. Tier your delicious food by stacking up various levels of styrofoam tiers, then draping with more vintage-colored fabrics.

You know how people dress their outdoor trees in lights at Christmas? Use the same concept to hang chandeliers outside! (you know how I am about chandeliers)


And of course, scatter your venue with lovely vintage wedding favors for your guests, so the memories fondly linger on.


Vintage wishes for happy planning!


Fabulous Favors by Kate Aspen


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