6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns

Spring is in full bloom, and the days are getting warmer and longer, which means it’s time to move your reception outside! With the sun setting later, take advantage of the weather and evening sky. An outdoor wedding calls for the perfect lighting, and what better way to create a lovely ambiance than with lanterns to match your theme. Your marriage celebration will go from being under indoor ceilings to under the stars with just the right amount of light.

1. Luminous Mini-Lanterns

These luminous mini-lanterns are the perfect bits of lights to complement a tablescape. Since the lanterns are smaller, you’ll have plenty of room to garnish your tables with floral arrangements, plates, silverware, and drinkware. Whether you use an electric tea candle or the traditional tea light candle that is included, these white lanterns will match any wedding scheme.

Luminous Mini Lanterns | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Luminous Mini-Lanterns – $6.49

2. Hanging Clear Jar With Fairy Lights

These fairy lights make a huge statement and have so many versatile uses. You can tuck these along the center of a table, down an aisle, up staircases or even hang them from tree branches. With the ease of the on switch underneath the cork cap, you can turn these lights on and off as well as reuse them for any celebration. They come in a set of 4 which will leave a big impression on your guests and a small dent in your wallet.

Hanging Clear Jar With Fairy Lights | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Hanging Clear Jar With Fairy Lights (Set of 4) – $21.60

3. Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern

Make a bold statement on your special evening with vintage distressed lanterns. With the size of these lanterns, you can fit in larger candles, allowing more light to shine through. These vibrant blue distressed lanterns would complement a rustic wedding perfectly. Combine flowers and candles inside the lanterns to make for a beautiful centerpiece.

Vintage Blue Distress Lantern | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern (Large) – $16.80


4. Vintage Bird Cage Lantern

These vintage birdcage lanterns elevate any wedding reception. Whether you place tea lights or flowers inside these lanterns, they’ll add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding. Sit them on every reception table or hang them around your backyard using hanging pot hooks to create an elegant feel.

Vintage Bird Cage | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Vintage Bird Cage Lantern – $7.20


5. Light House Tea Light Holder

Bring a piece of the beach to your evening with lighthouse tea light holders. Perfect for incorporating into nautical themed wedding or beach destination wedding, these lanterns will guide all of your guests to their reception table. After your grand celebration is over, gift them to guests as a parting gift, or reuse them to decorate your mantel, outdoor entranceway, or backyard.

Lighthouse Tea Light Holder | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Lighthouse Tea Light Holder – $6.99

6. Classic Gold Lantern

With gold being one of the hottest trends this year, decorate your wedding with these glamorous lanterns. This color will complement every wedding color palette and outdoor venue. Also, its clean lines and understated design with the bold metallic gold will impress every guest as they gather around their tables to honor the bride and groom.

Classic Gold Lantern | 6 Ways to Light Up Your Night With Lanterns | Kate Aspen

Classic Gold Lantern – $12.00


Planning on decorating your wedding with lanterns? Let us know how you’ll be styling it in the comments below!

Happy Planning!

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