Beyond The Veil: Accessorizing Your Wedding Gown with Sashes

When you think of wedding accessories, most brides automatically think of wedding veils and shoes. But, according to lead fashion strategist for Priscilla of Boston Kimberly Miller, there’s one hot wedding accessory that’s trending right now—and that’s sashes! Bridal sashes are available in a variety of styles, colors and designs, allowing the bride to really express her wedding style in a totally unique way. Transforming your gown into something spectacular, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider adding a sash.

Show your style
From shimmering jewels to elegant flowers, the choices are limitless! That’s why it’s easy to add an unexpected “Wow!” to your wedding dress. Whether you choose to make a bold statement with a metallic band or add the sweet detail of lace, you can turn something traditional into something totally funky or fashionably fabulous depending on your sense of style.

Coordinate the color
Why should the wedding party be the only ones who wear the wedding colors? Even if the dress you love doesn’t include the wedding colors (since most brides wear all white or ivory), you can still have a coordinated look by adding a colored sash. Giving your gown a totally different style, it helps keep the color consistent on your special day.

Get glamorous on a budget
A mark of a couture gown can be found in the details, such as beads, pearls, sequins or exquisite fabrics. However, these gowns can also include sashes as a fashionable accent. Adding a little avant-garde to your wedding-day attire, consider a colored cummerbund or ribbon as a way to include a high-end detail for a little of nothing.

Accessorize your wedding with favors!
But, sashes aren’t the only “add-ons” that know how to accessorize a wedding. Wedding favors do a fabulous job of that themselves! Just like these sensational sashes help coordinate your dress with the wedding color scheme, wedding favors do the same for your reception—keeping the color or theme consistent throughout both events. Here are a few ways to accessorize your wedding reception with wedding favors.

Happy Planning!