The Party’s ON…Start Spreading the News!

No party-hosting enthusiast should be without a strategic assortment of spreaders for cheeses, dips, jellies and other spreadable fare. Right now, you’re probably wondering what strategy has to do with it, and I’m happy to tell you.

I have a drawer full of spreaders in my kitchen, and I choose the spreaders for a particular event based on their distinctive handles. My handle designs complement the occasion, whether it’s a fall party, Halloween party, baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas party, birthday bash, spring garden party…well, you get the idea. Plus, I have quite a few generic handles that work beautifully for just about any party.

Spreading Joy!
For most of my well-worn collection of spreaders, I have family and friends to thank. They chose spreaders as wedding favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, wine-tasting favors—and I’ve saved every one! Every time I open that drawer, I pull out a few heartwarming memories along with the perfect spreaders for my party.

That’s why you might want to consider favoring your guests with a themed spreader at your next event. You can find spreaders to suit any occasion, and the best part? Guests will definitely take them home and use them! And believe me, everyone can use another spreader!


Kate’s Collection
That’s also why Kate Aspen is growing our fabulous selection of spreaders (some with a ceramic tray or cheese board!) Besides photos, a favor is often the only tangible memory we have of a special occasion. Brides and event hosts always hope their favor choice makes a lasting impression, and guests are always thrilled to return home with a favor they can use again and again, especially for entertaining!

One of my favorites is the “Vintage Reserve” Stainless-Steel Spreader with a Wine Cork Handle. It’s the ideal favor for weddings held at a winery or for couples who are wine aficionados. When I have wine-tasting dinner parties, my guests use the spreader for one of my appetizers, and they also receive one as a favor to take home. Since most of my guests contributed to my spreader collection at one time or another, I simply see it as returning the favor!

Happy Planning!