When It Comes to Wedding Favors, Let’s Get To The Heart of the Matter!

Love just has a way of touching everything in its path and making everything beautiful, especially when the path leads to your wedding day. Inspiring and uplifting, love’s presence beams on the couple’s faces as they gaze into each other’s eyes. Its impact can be felt in the joy each guest has for them as their hearts swell with pride. It can even be seen in each loving detail of their special day, including their wedding favors! So, inspire your guests to soar on the wings of your live with these heartfelt gifts.

You gotta have heart
Recognized all over the world, the heart has long been used as a symbol for love and can also refer to the spiritual, emotional and moral core of a human being. Full of passion and romance, the heart is the ideal way to accent these wedding favors and also demonstrate your thoughtfulness and appreciation to your guests.

It’s all about love
Love is what brought you together, and it will also be the thing that keeps you together! Love is patient; love is kind—and, it’s also the kind of emotion that deserves its own special favor. Beautifully displayed on our elegant favors, LOVE never looked so good!

A little love goes a long way
The funny thing about love is that it’s different for everybody. For some, it was love at first sight. For others, it grew over time. But, no matter how your love story began, everyone will agree that a little love goes a long way. That’s why these wedding favor designs feature subtle touches of love as a reminder of what this special day is all about. Thanks to our creative designers, you’ll find these hearts cleverly placed on handles, charms and in all sorts of interesting places.

One thing’s for sure. We hope that our love for weddings, beautiful things and elegant touches shows in each design. Because with Kate Aspen favors, making your day special is still a matter of the heart.

Happy Planning!